Fajitas are served on a sizzling plate with freshly chopped onion, pepper, and tomato. All Fajitas are served with a side of refried beans, rice, four flour tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo and shredded lettuce.

       Veggie   8.75
       Steak or Grilled Chicken   12.95
       Combination    13.95
             (Steak & Chicken)
       Grilled Shrimp   13.95
       Steak, Chicken & Shrimp   15.95


1. La Posaada Especial   15.95
     Best of the grill with steak, chicken
     and four jumbo shrimp. Served with
     rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream,
     guacamole, pico de gallo and four
     flour tortillas.

2. Bistec a la Mexicana   11.25
     Grilled steak chopped with
     jalapeño, tomato, onion. Side of rice
     and beans.

3. Tampiqueña   12.95
     Thinly cut flank steak grilled to
     perfection. Served with flour
     tortillas, one cheese enchilada,
     pico de gallo, guacamole salad, rice
     and beans.

4. Pechugas a la Mexicana   11.45
     Grilled chicken breast served with
     Mexican sausage. Covered with
     white cheese. Served with onion,
     tomato, four flour tortillas, rice and

5. Grilled Chicken Breast   10.25
     Two grilled chicken breasts served
     with a side of rice and beans,
     lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream
     and flour tortillas.

6. Pollo Loco (spicy)   10.95
     Grilled chicken seasoned with spicy
     salsa and topped with cheese
     sauce. Side of rice, beans, and flour

7. Pork Chops   11.25
     ​Mexican style pork chops with
     potatoes, refried beans, lettuce,
     sour cream and four flour tortillas.​​


13. Chile Relleños
     Two stuffed poblano peppers
     covered with cheese. Side of rice
     of beans and a guacamole salad.
           Beef or Shred Chicken   9.95
           Steak or Grilled Chicken   11.95

14. Shrimp Chile Relleño   12.45
     Two poblano peppers filled with
     shrimp, pico de gallo and cheese.
     Side of rice and beans, and a
     guacamole salad. ​Add Steak or
     Grilled Chicken for 2.25.


15. Enchiladas Supreme   9.95
     Four enchiladas filled with choice
     of ground beef, shredded chicken,
     spinach or cheese. Topped with
     enchilada sauce, shredded cheese,
     lettuce, sour cream and diced

16. Enchiladas Verdes   7.75
     Two chicken enchiladas topped
     with cheese and green tomatillo
     sauce. Served with rice and black

17. Enchilada de Camaron   9.95
     Two specially prepared shrimp
     enchiladas topped with cheese
     sauce. Served with rice and beans.


Nachos Supreme   7.75
     Nacho chips layered with refried 
     beans and cheese dip. Topped with 
     lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, 
     tomato and choice of ground beef 
     or shredded chicken.

Veggie Nachos Supreme   6.75
     Nacho chips layered with refried
     beans and cheese dip. Topped with
     lettuce, guacamole, sour cream,
     tomato & grilled veggies.

Fajita Nachos Supreme
     Nacho chips layered with refried
     beans and cheese dip. Topped with
     lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and
     tomato. Add grilled onion and bell
     pepper for 1.25
            Steak or Grilled Chicken  8.25
            Shrimp   9.25
            Steak, Chicken & Shrimp 9.95


18. Chimichanga   8.95
     A large flour tortilla stuffed with
     ground beef or shredded chicken.
     Fried to a crispy golden brown.
     Topped with cheese sauce and
     enchilada sauce. Side of beans
     and a guacamole salad.

19. Texas Chimichanga   10.25
     A large flour tortilla stuffed with
     steak, chicken and shrimp. Fried
     to a crispy golden brown and
     topped with cheese sauce and
     enchilada sauce. Served with
     beans and a guacamole salad.


8. Burrito Supreme   8.95
     Large flour tortilla filled with
     ground beef or shredded chicken.
     Topped with red tomato sauce,
     lettuce, shredded cheese, sour
     cream and tomato. Choice of rice or
     refried beans.

9. Burrito Relleno   8.95
     Large flour tortilla filled with 
     guacamole, sour cream and your
     choice of ground beef or shredded
     chicken. Topped with cheese sauce.
     Served with rice and beans.


Quesadilla Grande
     Two tortillas loaded with cheese.
     Grilled to a golden brown. Served in
     slices with lettuce, sour cream,
     guacamole and tomato.
          Cheese   8.25
           Ground Beef or Shred Chicken   9.25
           Steak or Grilled Chicken   10.25
           Grilled Shrimp   10.95

Quesadilla Dinner
     A large flour tortilla folded with
     cheese. Grilled to a golden brown.
     Served with rice, refried beans, side
     of cheese sauce.
          Cheese   7.25
           Ground Beef or Shred Chicken   8.95
           Steak or Grilled Chicken   9.50
           Grilled Shrimp   9.95

Supreme Quesadilla
     A large flour tortilla folded with
     cheese. Grilled to a golden brown.
     Served with lettuce, pico de gallo
     and guacamole with a side of
     cheese sauce.
          Cheese   7.25
           Ground Beef or Shred Chicken   8.75
           Steak or Grilled Chicken   9.25
           Grilled Shrimp   9.25


20. Pork Carnitas   10.95
     Pork tenderloin lightly fried with
     onions. Served with flour
     tortillas, guacamole salad, rice
     and beans.

21. Camarones a la Diabla   10.95
     Jumpo shrimp sauteed in a very
     spicy "diabla" sauce. Cooked with
     tomato and green onion. Side of
     rice, beans, tortillas.

22. Tilapia   11.25
     Fresh tilapia served with lettuce,
     pico de gallo, side of rice, and
     flour tortillas.

23. Steak Burger   7.50
     Half-pound steak burger topped
     with cheese, lettuce, tomato. Side
     of fries.

24. Grilled Chicken Burger   7.50
     Grilled chicken topped with
     cheese, lettuce, tomato. Side of

25. Chicken Tenders   7.50
     ​Four fried chicken tenders with


10. Tacos Supreme   8.95
     Three crispy tacos with your choice
     of ground beef or shredded chicken.
     Filled with lettuce, cheese, sour
     cream and pico de gallo.

11. Grilled Shrimp Tacos   11.45
     Three soft tacos filled with grilled
     shrimp and pico de gallo. Topped
     with sour cream and served with a
     side of beans and a guacamole salad.

12. Fish Tacos   10.45
     Three soft tacos filled with fresh
     tilapia, pico de gallo, lettuce and
     shredded cheese. Served with a side
     of rice.


v1. Veggie Burrito   7.75
     Flour tortilla stuffed with red bell
     pepper, yellow squash, corn and
     diced zucchini. Topped with red
     tomato sauce and shredded cheese.
     Side of rice and black beans.

v2. Veggie Quesadilla   8.75
     Flour tortilla folded with cheese,
     broccoli, cauliflower, corn, carrots,
     yellow squash, zucchini, bell pepper.
     Grilled to a golden brown. Side of
     rice, beans and cheese sauce.

v3. Spinach Enchiladas   7.50
     Two enchiladas filled with grilled
     spinach and sour cream. Topped
     with red enchilada sauce. Side of
     rice and beans.

v4. Combination Plate   8.25
     One bean burrito, once cheese
     enchilada and a veggie chalupa.

v5. Potato Burrito   7.25
     ​Flour tortilla stuffed with specially
     prepared potatoes. Topped with
     cheese sauce. Side of rice & beans.


A. Burrito, Rice & Beans   7.75
B. Burrito & Enchilada with Rice 8.75
C. Two Tacos, Rice and Beans   7.25
D. Taco & Enchilada, Rice & Beans 7.75
E. Taco, Chile Relleno & Enchilada 8.95
F. Taco, Chile Relleno and Guacamole
      Salad   9.25
G. Taco, Enchilada & Burrito   8.95
H. Two Enchiladas, Rice & Beans  8.25
  I. Veggie Chalupa, Beef Burrito, and 
     Beef Burrito   9.25
J. Burrito, Chile Relleno, and
    Guacamole Salad   9.25
K. Cheese Quesadilla, Chicken
    Enchilada, & Beef Burrito   9.25
L. Steak Quesadilla, Flauta &
    Enchilada   9.75
M. Grilled Chicken Quesadilla, Flauta,
    Chile Relleno   9.75


Mexican Rice   2.00 
Refried Beans   2.00
French Fries   2.25
     Ground Beef or Shred Chicken   5.50
     Steak or Grilled Chicken   6.25
     Shrimp   7.75
     Veggie   3.95
     Ground Beef or Shred Chicken   4.50
Chile Relleno
     Cheese   4.95
     Shrimp   7.25
     Ground Beef or Shred Chicken   4.95
     Egg & Cheese   5.95
     Ground Beef or Shred Chicken   5.95
     Steak or Grilled Chicken   6.95
     Cheese or Spinach   3.25
     Ground Beef or Shred Chicken   3.25
     Steak or Grilled Chicken   6.95
     Ground Beef or Shred Chicken   2.75
     Steak or Grilled Chicken   3.25
     Cheese   3.95
     Egg & Cheese   5.75
     Ground Beef or Shred Chicken   5.75
     Steak or Grilled Chicken   6.95
     Shrimp   7.95


Bell Pepper   1.25
Guacamole   1.95
Jalapeños   1.25
Lettuce   1.25
Onion   1.00
Pico de Gallo   1.25
Shredded Cheese   1.35
Sour Cream   1.25
Tomatoes   1.15
Tortillas (4)   1.45


Chips   2.75 (sm) / 4.15 (lg)
Salsa   1.95 (sm) / 2.45 (md) / 5.95 (lg)

Lunch and Dinner Menu Items ordered to go come with
chips and salsa, and include
a takeout charge of 35¢


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